How to Solve a Tetris Cube

Updated March 17, 2017

The game of Tetris may be a staple of hand held video game devices, but puzzle fiends can play a version of the game with real blocks. Tetris Cube mixes classic Tetris and the Rubick's Cube, tasking players with fitting 12 pieces together to form a complete cube. Many combinations and solutions exist, and players must be able to visualise how their pieces fit together if they want to complete the puzzle.

View each piece as made up of several individual blocks. The complete Tetris Cube measures four blocks by four blocks by four blocks. Separate the twelve pieces by colour, making it easier to pick the correct shapes for the cube.

Take the blue piece that is shaped like an "L" with an additional block protruding from the side. Place the piece on your surface so that it extends three blocks upward and three blocks to the left. The additional block should point inward.

Select the yellow piece that also resembles an "L" shape, made up of six blocks. An additional block protrudes from the end of the piece. Turn the yellow piece on its side so it only extends upward two blocks and horizontally three blocks. Place the three cubed side flush against your blue piece so that the right side of your cube has its complete base.

Choose the red piece that resembles a "T" with two additional blocks in the upper left corner of the piece. Lay the piece so the right corner of the "T" fits in between the blue and yellow pieces.

Take the yellow piece from your pile that resembles a "T" but with two additional blocks positioned at the central point of the piece. Rotate the block so the "T" portion is on its side and the two additional blocks point toward you. Place the piece on the far left of the main cube so it stacks onto your already placed red piece. You will end up with an open space in the bottom left corner.

Select the red piece that is four blocks long with one additional block on the second to last block of the line. Place it in the open left corner with the additional block facing to the right.

Take the blue piece that is shaped like an "S," again with an additional block protruding from the side, and place it with the top of the "S" facing downward into the slot one space to the right of the upper left corner of your cube. The protruding block should extend to the left wall.

Take the red "L" piece that is three blocks high and three blocks long and place it upright in the slot one space to the left and one space down from the upper right corner.

Slot the yellow piece that resembles a twisted "S"made up of five blocks into the lower right corner of the cube.

Place the blue "L" piece with the additional protruding block into the upper right corner. The bottom of the L should extend upward with the protruding piece extending to the left.

Slot the yellow "T" piece in the upper left corner so the bottom of the "T" extends toward the middle of the Tetris Cube.

Place the red piece that resembles a two-by-two square with a protruding block in the upper right corner of the cube. It will only fit with the protruding block pointing to the left.

Slot the final blue piece on the top of the Tetris Cube. Your puzzle has been solved.


There are several different ways to solve the Tetris Cube. Try several combinations of pieces to discover additional solutions.

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