Home Remedies for Cellulite on the Upper Arms

Updated April 17, 2017

Cellulite accumulates in areas such as the thighs, bottom, back of the neck and the upper arms, resulting in the unattractive appearance of hard bumps under your skin, similar to orange peel. Eating a low-fat diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will help, but there are also some home remedies that you can use to directly target your upper arms.

Muscle Tone

Tone up your upper arms by rowing, playing a sport such as tennis or racquetball or using weights. Building muscle in your arms may help fill out the connective tissue.

Dry Brushing

Using a soft bristled brush, press it against your upper arms and rotate it so it brushes your skin in a circular motion. This action will help to improve your circulation.


Draw a bath deep enough to submerge your forearms when lying in it. Add two cups of sea salt and soak in it for at least 20 minutes to have smooth upper arm skin afterwards. Alternatively, add juniper, cypress or sage oils to your bath, which are directly absorbed into your body, attacking the cellulite from the inside out.


Apple cider vinegar is a bacteria fighter and can release minerals that break down fat deposits. Mix it with your favourite massage oil and knead the mixture into your upper arms. Other essential oils such as rosemary, sunflower and almond can loosen the cellulite. Juniper, cypress and sage oils can also be used for massage.

Body Lotion

Apply lotions that contain bioactive keratin, Coenzyme Q10 and grape seed oil. Coenzyme Q10 is a strong antioxidant, which may reverse wrinkling and sun damage, while bioactive keratin is a protein that helps protect the skin's outer layer.

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