How to Find Discontinued Lipstick

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick to complement your features and skin tone can be difficult. Even when you find the perfect shade, not all lipstick shades stay in production forever. Many make-up manufacturers will discontinue a shade if it doesn't sell well. This can be quite frustrating, but you may be able to find your discontinued shade rather than starting all over again trying to find a new shade or one similar to the discontinued shade.

Shop for your shade at local cosmetic shops or drugstores if the shade was recently discontinued. If you find it, buy as many as you can to stock up.

Visit your local flea market or swap meet to browse through the cosmetics booths and look for your shade.

Visit the manufacturer's website and use the links available to contact the company. Ask the manufacturer if it will sell any leftover stock of the shade that it has.

Visit other websites (e.g., auction and beauty sites) to find the shade (see Resources). Search for "discontinued lipstick" or just type in the name of your favourite shade.


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