How to make your own beach hat from recycled material

Updated April 17, 2017

Making a beach hat out of recycled material is a great way to reuse something you would have otherwise thrown away. You can make a beach hat in minutes, using only tape, craft glue and old newspaper. However, you can also choose to decorate and embellish your beach hat. This can involve craft supplies you have at home, or natural materials you collect while visiting the beach. Either way, your beach hat will be a one-of-a-kind summer accessory.

Unfold several full sheets of paper and lie them flat on a work surface. You can use as little as two sheets of paper or as many as you want. The more sheets of paper you use, the sturdier the hat will be.

Stack the sheets of paper so they are directly on top of each other. You will want to line up the edges to make sure they are straight.

Separate the sheets of paper, one at a time, and drizzle white craft glue in the centre of each sheet between the layers of paper. When you are finished, push down on the stack of papers to squish the papers together in the glue. Let the paper sit for approximately 15 minutes to allow the glue time to dry.

Place the stack of papers over the ball, so that the ball is in the centre of the paper. If you want the hat to be deeper than the height of a kick ball, you can also use a sand bucket.

Hold the paper tightly over the ball, while a helper wraps tape around the newspaper at the bottom edge of the ball. The tape will create a hat band.

Trim the edges of the news paper to create the brim of the hat.


You can decorate the hat by gluing on shells, beach glass, or flowers you find out side. You can also decide not to decorate the hat.


No matter how many layers of paper you use to create the hat, it will get ruined if it gets really wet. Avoid letting the hat fall in the water while at the beach.

Things You'll Need

  • Old newspaper
  • White craft glue
  • Kick ball
  • Tape
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