How to size curtains

Written by gabriel dockery | 13/05/2017
How to size curtains
Consider who is using the room when sizing curtains. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Curtain sizing allows homeowners the opportunity to individualise the looks of their windows and interior environment. Variation in curtain size, regardless of the size of the window, can add form and luxury to any room within the house while providing proper illumination for daily activities. Curtains come in various sizes dependent on their intended applications and the tastes of the homeowners who install them.

Determine the area of the window to be covered by the curtain. This area is given in terms of width and length.

Round the width to the nearest 2.5 m (100 inches). 2.5 m (100 inches) is the standard curtain width.

Divide the width in half to determine the minimum width of the curtain. This is because curtains come in pairs that equally share the width of the window.

Measure the distance from the intended valence to the bottom of the window and to the bottom of the floor. Use the former value if you wish the curtains to cover only the window or the latter value if you wish the curtains to flow to the floor itself.

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