How to Identify Singer Sewing Machines

Updated February 21, 2017

Singer sewing machines are a classic collectable and a modern standard in the sewing industry. If you are shopping for a modern or older sewing machine, identifying Singer sewing machines can help you find a good quality machine. Fortunately, Singer sewing machines are easy to identify, allowing you to learn more about, care for and maintain a vintage or newer Singer.

Look for the Singer brand name on the front of the sewing machine. Identify the brand of your new or vintage sewing machine before you attempt to learn more about the model and date of your sewing machine.

Find the serial number on the machine. Check the lower back of the machine or the underside to find this information. Use a clean cotton rag and all-purpose cleaner to wipe accumulated dust and grime off of the area with the serial number if necessary to make it legible. Copy down the serial number.

Look for a model number printed on the Singer sewing machine. Look on the side of the machine under the handwheel for model numbers on machines manufactured in the last 20 years. Find the model number on the front of the machine for mid-century machines; however, it may be higher or lower. Check the base of the machine on early Singers; however, the earliest machines may only have a serial number.

Call the Singer Sewing Machine Company at 1-800-4-SINGER if there is not a model number printed on your Singer sewing machine. The Singer support website suggests the company can use the a machine's serial number to find the model number.

Use published serial number lists (see References) to determine the year of manufacture for your Singer sewing machine. Look up further information, including product manuals, for your machine on Singer's website (see Resources) using your sewing machine model number.

Things You'll Need

  • Singer sewing machine
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Cleaning rag
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