How to Tie an Arm Sling

Updated July 20, 2017

Making a sling is a part of basic first aid everyone should know how to do. An accident can happen anytime, and being prepared can make all the difference. Placing a sling is a simple process.

Hold the square cloth with a point facing up and to the opposite side of the injured arm.

Slide the point of the cloth, facing the injured arm, underneath and behind the injured elbow.

Pull the point of the cloth facing the ground up and around the side of the neck the injured arm is on.

Tie the two points on both sides of the neck together.

Pin the point of the cloth behind the injured arm to the cloth wrapped over the front of the injured arm. Be careful not to poke the injured arm with the pin.


Depending on the size of the victim, you can use a different size piece of cloth to make the sling. If the injured person were a child, you would want to use a smaller square piece of cloth. If it were a large person, you might want to use a larger piece of cloth.


Be careful when applying a sling. Depending on the injury, moving an arm or any other body part can do more harm than good. Always seek a physician after preforming first aid on an injury you don't know the nature of. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Things You'll Need

  • 35-inch square cloth
  • Safety pin
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