How to use a tennis elbow strap

Updated February 21, 2017

Tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis, is a nagging injury caused by overuse and repetitive activities that cause stress and inflammation to the tendons of the forearm. This can be quite painful and interfere with daily activities. Tennis elbow straps are designed to allow you to continue your activities with minimal discomfort and can aid in the healing process, if used properly.

Consult with a sports doctor or orthopaedic doctor before you start using a tennis elbow strap. Your doctor can make the best recommendation for the kind of tennis elbow injury you may have. Several styles are on the market; some better than others. Your doctor will know which style is best to use.

Purchase a tennis elbow strap. Many reliable online sites sell elbow straps ranging in price from £13 to £37. Many local sports stores and pharmacies also will have a good selection of elbow straps. Select the correct size and one that has a Velcro closure, as this makes it easier to adjust.

Slide the elbow strap up your arm, and position the strap about one inch below the elbow. If the strap has a little air bubble, a gel pillow or some other device that is designed to put pressure on a specific point of the elbow, make sure this is positioned slightly below the area of your elbow where you feel the most pain.

Tighten the strap securely, but not so tight that you cut off circulation. This will help to stop any aggravating shock or vibration from travelling up the arm to the inflamed area.

Wear the elbow strap as much as possible. Consider wearing it during the night while sleeping. Wearing the elbow strap will reduce the stress to the tendons, so you will be able to go about your daily routine or play your favourite sport with less pain.


If you have faithfully worn the elbow strap for two or three weeks with no noticeable improvement and you still are experiencing pain, consult with your doctor to discuss another approach to your condition.

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