How to use homeopathic aconite for anxiety

Updated July 20, 2017

Anxiety can manifest in different ways with varied symptoms and can be common during extreme stress. Fatigue, stage-fright, or any case of jangled nerves can be labelled as anxiety. How can Aconite help if you have anxiety? Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars. If your symptoms are similar to aconite, the homeopathic medicine can help. Otherwise there will likely be no noticeable improvement.

Aconite is a perennial of the Buttercup family. The common plant name is Monkshood due to the helmet shaped appearance of the blue (usually) flowers. The herb is poisonous and should never be used on broken skin. The preparation of a homeopathic remedy involves a process of dilution leaving scant to no physical traces of the material substance, therefore homeopathic aconite is safe.

Review these basic symptoms of Aconite: Sudden onset of symptoms and tendency to be violent or painful; often accompanied with intense fear; the person may become frantic, scream, groan, toss and turn or even feel like they want to die.

Do you have a strong sense of fear? Aconite exhibits fear and restlessness. This may be fear of crowds, of death or crossing the street. You might even have a sense of when you will die--and state it.

Ask yourself these five questions about what has happened to you in the last twenty-four hours: Were you in an accident, a near-miss situation that shocked you? Were you exposed to dry, cold winds or very hot weather? Are you generally feeling worse in the evening or around midnight? Are you pushy? Have you felt a sense of panic or terror? If you can answer yes to three to five of these basic questions, consider Aconite.

Allow fifteen minutes before or after eating or drinking to elapse before you take the remedy. Avoid touching the pellets with your hands. Pour three pellets in the cap or remedy dispenser. Then pour the pellets into your mouth and allow to dissolve under your tongue.

Evaluate your results. If you don't feel any relief or even a slight improvement after 15 to 60 minutes, repeat the dose. You should feel some relief after one or several doses. When you do notice results, do not take any more doses.


This approach is essentially homeopathic first-aid. If your feeling of anxiety is chronic or persists, consult a a medical doctor or a professional homeopath, as other factors may be involved and a different remedy is indicated.

Things You'll Need

  • Homeopathic Aconite 30c
  • A basic understanding of Aconite
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