How to Make a Fabric Waste Basket

Making a fabric waste paper basket is a creative way to add colour and texture to a bathroom or office. The fabric choice is yours. You can use coordinating fabrics to complement your decor or make holiday-themed baskets to change throughout the year. You can make a free-flowing shape easily or a tailored look with a little work using your scissors and fabric glue. It's fun to create a one-of-kind waste-paper basket that serves a purpose and adds a creative element.

Cover your clean, flat workspace with paper that does not have printing on it. Lay out your material and cut two 34-inch radius circles and one circle two inches larger than your lid.

Sew your large circles around the circumference with right sides facing each other. Leave a four-inch opening.

Turn your sewn fabric right side out by slowly feeding the inside fabric through the four-inch opening.

Turn the cut edges of the four-inch opening in and pin it closed.

Top-stitch the circumference to close the circle. Add any trim that you have chosen for the top of your basket now.

Glue your small fabric circle to the lid with fabric glue. Make sure the right side is facing out. Center your material and wrap the excess under and secure it in place with a liberal application of glue brushed on the lid edges and fabric folds.

Place the lid on freezer paper with a heavy object on top of it. Allow it to dry completely.

Cut the top off your two-liter bottle with a utility knife. You may want to mark it with a line before cutting to get a straight, flat even surface to use.

Apply fabric glue to the bottom of your fabric-covered lid.

Place it centred on the bottle right side down, glued side up.

Center your large fabric circle right side up on your lid and slowly press it to the glued lid. Smooth out any wrinkles to create a flat bottom for your waste-paper basket.

Create the basket sides by smoothing and tucking the material with fabric glue or cutting triangular shapes from the material circle and gluing the edges together. You could even add additional trim to pull the edges together at this point. The shaping process is entirely up to you.

Paint the entire fabric basket with a fabric stiffener by following the manufacturer's instructions. Allow it to dry.

Spray a light coat of clear acrylic paint on the basket. Allow it to dry and spray an additional coat.

Once the paint is dry, remove the basket from the bottle support by slowly lifting it from the bottom edge. If needed, run a knife between the bottle and the fabric-covered lid.


Choose your fabric wisely. A heavyweight linen or upholstery fabric works best. To create a tuck, bring two pieces of the fabric three to four inches apart toward the centre.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean, empty 2-liter bottle
  • Large coffee can lid
  • 2 yards of material
  • Coordinating thread
  • Trim (if desired)
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Paint brush with synthetic bristles
  • Clear acrylic spray paint
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