What Is a Luminizer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Luminizer is a face make-up product that contains crushed mica, a natural mineral that sparkles. The product is applied to the skin much like a blush, creating an all-over glow.


Luminizers are used to create a healthy glow unlike the flat, matt look that a foundation or powder provides. For someone with acne, uneven skin, fine lines or other age-related skin problems, luminizer provides an even look with a helpful glow.

How To Apply Luminizer

Luminizer is applied much like any other face make-up product, with the help of a make-up brush. Apply it as a highlight on the apple of the cheeks and the brow bones, or dust it on your face and blend it in like a foundation. Blend the luminizer into the skin lightly with your fingertips. A small eyeshadow brush is great for dotting luminizer on the apples of the cheeks to help define them. You can also combine your foundation with luminizer to add sparkle. Apply luminizer on your body too, if you like.

How Luminizers Work

The ingredients in luminizer include natural minerals such as iron and mica, which are ground into powder. Similar to mineral foundations, luminizers do not clog pores or harm the skin, which is useful for people with acne or other skin-related problems.


Most often found in liquid or stick form, luminizers can also be found in powder form. This shimmery face make-up product diffuses light to make skin look younger. The shimmer also can highlight certain places on the face such as the cheeks and the brow bone (or wherever the product is placed with a brush). Popular luminizer colours include silver, bronze, gold and pink.


It's important to not overdo the use of luminizer. Too much luminizer on the face can look overdone and result in a shimmery mess. Be careful when choosing where to apply the luminizer, as well as which colour to use. Less is more with luminizer.

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