How to repair roller blind shades

Updated February 21, 2017

Roller blind shades are stylish and functional, and can be a focal point of any room. These blinds use a roller with a spring, and with constant use their parts can sometimes stop working correctly. Repairing the shade is usually much more cost-effective than replacing it. Fortunately, with a few basic tools, anyone can repair their own blinds.

If the spring is too tight and it's difficult to lift the blinds, roll the shade to the up position and remove it from the brackets on the wall. Use your hands to unroll the shade partway. Put the shade back in the brackets on the wall. Repeat these steps until the spring seems to be working correctly.

If the spring tension needs to be tightened, partially lower the shade and remove it from the brackets on the wall. Use your hands to roll the shade all the way to the up position. Hang it back in the brackets on the wall. Keep repeating these steps until the spring tension seems right.

If the shade will not lift or lower, the spring is locked. To release it, take the shade roller out of the brackets on the wall. Use pliers to grab the pin and turn it clockwise to help release the spring. Once you feel the tension, let go of the pin quickly; this should unlock the spring. If this does not work, repeat the steps.

Replace the shade fabric by taking the shade down from the brackets and unrolling it with your hands. Pull the old fabric off the rollers or cut it off with scissors. Place the new fabric on the roller and make sure it is straight by using a measuring tape or other flat edge. Staple the fabric to the roller. Place the shade in the brackets on the wall.


If these steps do not loosen or tighten the spring in the shade, you may need to replace the spring. When installing your shades, make sure they do not touch the sides of the window, or they can be easily damaged when raising or lowering.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Staples
  • Stapler
  • Measuring tape
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