How to Convert AVI From Widescreen to Full Screen

Written by kefa olang | 13/05/2017

Widescreen is a television and DVD format that uses the 16:9 aspect ratio. It is a popular format used on many high-definition TVs. Full-screen format, on the other hand, uses 4:3 aspect ratio to display videos in standard definition. Converting widescreen AVI video files to full-screen allows you to play them more efficiently on devices that support full-screen displays. Converting widescreen AVI to full-screen is made simple using a free converter program.

Download and install a free converter program such as Prism Video Converter (see Resources). Other free converter programs you can use include AVC Video Converter (see Resources).

Launch the program once the installation is complete and click "Add Files." Locate the AVI file from the location you saved it on your computer and click "Open" to load it into your program.

Select ".avi" on the output format window and click "Edit Output." Click "Resize Video" and click the "Crop video to selected size" radio button.

Select the video size and place a check on "Constrain proportions." Click the "4:3" (full-screen) radio button and click "OK" to save the changes.

Click "Browse" and select the output folder to save the video to after it is reformatted to full-screen format.

Click "Convert." The conversion time varies depending on the length of the input AVI file. The video is in 4:3, full-screen format when the conversion is complete.


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