How to Catch a Pisces Man

Updated March 23, 2017

Don't worry, Mr. Pisces is easy to catch if prospective lovers knows how to cast their line. The Fish, born February 19 to March 20, is a dreamy, empathetic man influenced by watery Neptune mixed with a touch of Venus. Appeal to this romantic man's heart, and you'll catch him for certain. However, watch out for his sometimes wishy-washy demeanour, changeable nature and tendency to fantasise.

Appeal to the Pisces man's inner world, rather than his outer shell. According to astrologer Susan Miller, "When trying to persuade a Pisces man of anything, do not use facts or logic; appeal to his emotions and intuition." Don't press too hard, though, because nothing irritates this Water sign more than being pushed.

Be vulnerable; let down your walls. Pisces men are experts at reading subconscious clues from body language and communication, and will use their knowledge to relate to you. By being open and ready to share, the Pisces man will feel welcome, allowing him to begin building trust.

Be a Water or Earth sign for best results. Earthy Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn lovers appeal because of their grounded, level-headed natures, while Water sign admirers understand the Pisces male need for emotional bonding and nurturing. Air and Fire signs can often seem too aggressive, unfeeling or shallow for a mutable Water sign like Pisces.

Speak to the Pisces man's desire to join with his own Goddess archetype. Astrologer Jeffrey Kishner says, "Pisces needs to yearn for you. His ruling planet, Neptune, concerns mystical longing, the desire to dissolve one's ego and connect with the Goddess." In order to do this best, offer to draw up an astrology chart with his information and personify the qualities of his Venus sign. For a gay Pisces, look at the Mars sign to fulfil his visions of manliness.

Be interested in Piscean pastimes such as art, music and dance. The Pisces man usually has a creative outlet that he loves to indulge, so learn about it. Better yet, offer to cheer him on during one of his performances or take him to an event and offer him the chance to learn something new.


Remember that Pisces men are sensitive, emotional and often feminine in nature. As Jeffrey Kishner notes, "Pisces men are like girls." The mutable Water qualities of this sign make for a receptive man who needs a gentle touch.

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