How to Check TV IR Sensors

Updated February 21, 2017

TV IR sensors, also known as infrared sensors, are the sensors on the front of your television set that receive the infrared signal sent by the remote. When you operate the remote, the infrared signal travels from the tip of the remote to the television, sending the signal that tells the television how to respond. If you notice problems with your TV IR sensors, it's easy to check them. You'll need two people to accomplish this: one person at the television and one person to operate the remote control.

Make sure your television has power. Try plugging it into a different outlet to see if the remote will then operate the television. If so, you know the problem isn't with your sensor. If your television still will not operate when the remote control sends signals, move onto the next step.

Test your remote control's infrared signal. Have one person hold the remote control, facing your digital camera. The other person can operate the digital camera. Push a button on the remote control and simultaneously take a picture of the front end of the remote control where the infrared light displays. If the infrared signal is working, you can see the light in the digital camera picture. If it is not working, the light will not display as lit in your digital camera photo.

Watch for the blinking light on your television to indicate it's receiving the IR signal from the remote control. On digital televisions, anytime your remote control sends a signal to your television, a light on the TV should flash. Absence of a flashing light could indicate a problem with the wire connection on your IR receiver.

Things You'll Need

  • Television remote control
  • Digital camera
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