How to Remove Blum European Hinges

Updated February 21, 2017

Blum European Hinges can be adjusted so that you can move the doors side to side up to 10mm, in and out 8mm and up and down 4mm for a perfect fit without removing the hinges from the door and repositioning them. If you need to remove a Blum hinge from a cabinet because a hinge has been damaged, this adjustment feature allows you to use the same screw holes, rather than having to drill new pilot holes, for the new hinge.

Have your assistant support the weight of the door while you remove the hinges.

Remove the mounting screws for the hinges. The mounting screws are the screws at the very top and bottom of the hinges; the only screws to actually penetrate the wood. Have your assistant move the door.

Remove the plate from the cabinet door opening by lifting the cover of the plate to reveal the mounting screw.

Remove the mounting screw with the Phillips screwdriver. Lift the plate from the door.


Use a wood filler to fill the surface of the door after you remove the plate, unless you will be installing a new Blum European cabinet hinge in the same place on the same door.


This process involves working with hand tools and appropriate precautions are recommended.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • An assistant
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