How to Connect a TV, DVD, VCR & Satellite

Updated February 21, 2017

For devices like DVD players, VCRs and satellite television receiver boxes to work they must be properly hooked up to your television set. This can seem overwhelming to a novice, but everything is colour-coded and labelled to make the process easier. Everything plugs into your television in very specific ways so it is pretty hard to actually screw everything up.

Make sure all of your devices are plugged into wall outlets via their AC adaptors. These electronic devices do not supply their own power so they need to be plugged into the wall in order to operate. If you don't have enough wall outlets available in the area you want to place these devices, you can purchase something like a surge protector or power strip to provide you with additional outlets.

Plug your DVD player into your TV via the audio and video cables that came with your player. These red, yellow and white cables are included in the box with your DVD player upon purchase. The red and white cables are audio cables--they plug into the red and white ports labelled "Audio Out" on the back of your DVD player and the red and white ports labelled "Audio In" on the back of your television. The yellow cable is a video cable and plugs into the same "Video Out" and "Video In" ports on both devices.

Plug your VCR into your TV via the red, white and yellow audio and video cables. Just like the DVD player, a VCR will plug into your television the exact same way. Simply match up the cables to the appropriate colour-coded inputs on the back of each device.

Plug your satellite television receiver box into your television using a coaxial cable. The technician that installed your service should have left you with a length of coaxial cable during installation. This cable screws directly into the input labelled "Coax In" on the back of your television. The other end screws into the input labelled "Coax Out" on the back of the box itself. This single cable carries both audio and video signals, so no additional cables are required.

Test your equipment. Put a DVD in the DVD player to make sure everything looks OK. Do the same with a VHS tape in your VCR. As each device is plugged into a different input on the back of your television, you'll have to use the "Input" button on your remote control to switch between devices. Turn the satellite television receiver box on and flip through the channels, making sure you can both see a picture and hear the audio.

Things You'll Need

  • TV
  • DVD
  • VCR
  • Satellite television receiver box
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