How to Replace the Brake Caliper on a Volkswagen Golf GTI

Updated March 23, 2017

The Volkswagen Golf GTI uses a brake rotor and caliper design for its braking system. This brake design allows the Golf GTI to take advantage of the increased clamping force that a caliper uses over a brake drum style system. Hydraulic fluid is forced through steel brake tubing and directed into the caliper system. The caliper contains a brake pad that is forced against a rotor (disc), which causes friction and slows the car down. Over time, the caliper can malfunction due to age. When this happens, your caliper usually seizes. You'll be able to tell if your Golf's caliper has seized because the steering wheel will pull in the direction of the seized caliper during braking. The harder the brake action, the more the car will pull in the direction of the seized caliper.

Break the front lug nuts loose on the GTI with a tire wrench. Turn the lugs 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Jack the front of the GTI up using the front jack point located behind the radiator.

Place a jack stand under each of the front jack stand pinch welds. These are located directly under the driver and passenger side doors. Lower the GTI onto the stands.

Finish removing the lug nuts and pull the wheel off the wheel hub assembly.

Remove the upper and lower mounting bolts on the caliper. The caliper covers part of the rotor, which is a disc mounted on the front of the wheel hub.

Slide the caliper assembly off the brake rotor and secure the caliper to the Golf's coil springs on the suspension above the brake assembly. Be sure not to damage the rubber brake line connected to the caliper in this process.


Never let the brake caliper hang by the rubber brake hose connected to it. You can damage the brake line or cause premature failure of your GTI's brake system.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench with socket set
  • Zip-ties
  • Tire wrench
  • Jack
  • (2) jack stands
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