How to Manually Remove Ntoskrnl.Exe

Updated July 20, 2017

Ntoskrnl.exe is a crucial file in the start-up process for the Windows operating system. Despite its importance, it should never appear in the processes or the tasks of a running operating system. Unwarranted versions of the ntoskrnl.exe are virus files disguised as the legitimate Windows system file. Remove the ntoskrnl.exe if it is appearing as a process and is stored in a folder other than the Windows system directory.

Right-click "Start" and select the "Explore" option from the context menu. The Windows Explorer utility will appear on the screen.

Type "ntoskrnl.exe" into the search field in the Windows Explorer interface to locate the file. Click once on any instance of "ntosrkrnl.exe" that is not located in the "System" folder. Press "Delete" to send the file to the recycling bin.

Close the Explorer and return to the desktop. Right-click the recycling bin and choose "Empty" to remove the file from your computer.

Restart the computer to complete the removal process and save the changes to the system.

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