How to find people in prison for free

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding someone who has been incarcerated in one of the state or federal prisons can be done online. With a few easy steps, you can find a person by their name or their prison identification number throughout the United States. The information will tell you if the person is still incarcerated or what their release date was.

Follow the Federal Bureau of Prisons link (see reference). This site is for inmates housed in federal prisons.

Click on "Inmate Locator" and enter the person's prison identification number or first and last name.

Read the results for each person displayed. It will give their birth date, sex and race. It will tell the release date or a location where the inmate is housed.

Follow the State Locator link (see reference) to find an inmate in a specific state prison.

Click on the state where the inmate is housed. You will be taken to a page that says, "Inmate Locator." Click on that link to go to the entry page. Follow the instructions on the next page to move to the page where you enter the name of the prison inmate.

Enter the person's first and last name and click "Continue." The results will show the location of the inmate and a prison identification number. Some will tell when the person was released or if they are out on parole and a town where they reside.

Things You'll Need

  • First and last name of person
  • Prison identification number (optional)
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