How to Watch Zee TV Shows Online Free

Updated February 21, 2017

Zee TV is the flagship station for the Zee network, an Indian-based satellite service that broadcasts dozens of Indian television stations, with hundreds of hours of shows, news and sports, all of which are not commonly found in the United States. Although Zee TV requires a paid subscription, there are ways to view Zee TV shows and some of its content online for free.

Search the Zee TV web site ( by category and show. Each program has its own page, with many options, including videos, which come in five-minute segments. This way, you can watch clips of your favourite shows.

Go to (link provided in Resources) and look up Zee Marathi. A new page will load. This new site will allow you to watch full television episodes of any of the Zee TV shows you want to view.

Click the play button for This will show what program is being aired at that moment on Zee Marathi, one of the channels on the Zee network (so named because it broadcasts in the Marathi language). The window is small and the quality is below average, but it is the full episode. Watching this can help you decide if you would like to subscribe to's full list of Zee channels and content.

Subscribe free for two weeks by clicking "Get It Now" on the Zee Marathi page. From here you will have a choice from more than 30 Indian channels. Click "Start Watching Now" and you will be taken to a different page. You can then choose a preselected package or select the channels you would like and then click "Continue." This will take you to the checkout. You will need to fill out the billing information, but you will have two full weeks to watch the content before being billed, so you can cancel the service before the two weeks are up and not be billed.


In order to view these channels, you will need to have the latest version of Flash installed. You will be informed whether to install the update when accessing the video. A link to the download, if required, will be provided.

Things You'll Need

  • High-speed Internet (DSL or cable) with a minimum of 3 megabits per second
  • Latest version of Flash video player


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