Steps for Running a Raffle

Raffles are popular, amongst participants, as well as charity organisations. For purchasing a cheap ticket, participants can win some good prizes, and for charities it can be a good fundraising event.

It can be inexpensive to host a raffle event. If you are able to get your prizes donated, the only costs you will incur are from printing the raffle tickets.

There is not a lot of risk associated with hosting a raffle event since you are not dependant on drawing the kind of crowd necessary for a dinner or auction event.

Decide on the type of prizes you will need for the auction, remember to include decent prizes because this is what will encourage people to buy a raffle ticket. Here are some ideas:

Cars are often a good idea, however if you are unable to get one donated it is best to leave this off the prize list if you do not have a high budget.

Travel: A nice weekend away, a cruise, or even a spa treatment at a luxury resort. Travel is always a good prize as all the winner is required to do is book time off and go.

Electronic equipment: Things such as TV's, DVD's, stereos and gaming equipment. These are always good incentives for men to buy raffle tickets.

These are just some examples of the type of items you can use as prizes for your raffle.

Ask colleagues within your organisation to donate prizes. You will be surprised at the amount of things people have stored at home that they do not use. You can do this by sending out a group e-mail and waiting for a response or you can go around asking people individually.

To collect prizes such as gift vouchers go around and ask at local restaurants and shops; managers can be very generous when it is for a good cause.

Check the state you are in for its laws in regards to hosting a raffle. Do some research at to ensure you are abiding by the laws of your state.

If you are raffling items such as a car or a boat there are some legal issues, so it is best to consult a lawyer before proceeding.

Think carefully before pricing your tickets. If they are too high people will not buy them, similarly if they are too low. It is advisable to price the tickets so that they reflect the value of the prizes.

Things You'll Need

  • Raffle tickets
  • Prizes
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