How to Care for Passion Flower Vines

Updated February 21, 2017

The Passiflora is a beautiful flowering plant known as the passion vine. This climbing vine grows outdoors as an attraction in any garden or as a covering around the deck. With the aid of a trellis, the vine grows tall and displays a purple-yellow flower. The plant prefers a climate without frost, and the flower must be protected from wind. Minimum care for the passion flower vine makes it an ideal plant for people who love the beauty of flowers without the work.

Provide enough sunlight for the passion flower vine by removing any objects blocking the light. However, the plant will need partial shade in areas of extreme heat.

Provide water as needed to keep the soil moist. The soil must have good drainage to permit the plant to produce flowers continually. Use some compost around the soil base of the vines to hold in moisture. The plants have shallow root bases and the compost will help hold the moisture close to the top of the ground soil.

Fertilise the vines with 2-1-3 ratio mixture and not a 20-20-20 ratio. Miracle Grow has different ratios for different plants and flowers. If you use the 20-20-20 product, you will have more green leaves and fewer flowers. The 2-1-3 product will promote more flowers.


If the plant is allowed to grow by a deck, the vines will wrap around the railing to grow upward.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Fertiliser
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