How Fast Does the Flowering Cherry Tree Amanogawa Grow?

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Ornamental cherry trees, including the cultivar Amanogawa, offer a cloud of fragrant blossoms in spring. Even though Amanogawa, which is native to Japan, is a short-lived tree, during its time it offers admirable decorative value wherever it is planted.

Growth Rate

Like other types of ornamental cherry, the Amanogawa has a moderate growth rate. It may be expected to grow 13 to 25 inches per year.


Amanogawa, which produces pale pink blossoms, differs in form from other ornamental cherry trees: This cultivar has a uniquely upright form. The mature tree is columnar rather than spreading, making Amanogawa suitable for narrow spaces.

Mature Size

Mature Amanogawa trees can reach a height of 20 feet, but grow only 6 feet wide. As a base of comparison, other ornamental cherry cultivars average 15 to 25 feet in both height and width.