How to Open an Elgin Watch Case

Elgin is a brand of watch that has been around since 1864. Elgin started making pocket watches, but over the years has also made some wristwatches. Opening an Elgin watch case is necessary to adjust the internal mechanisms of the watch or to replace the battery. The method used to open the back of the watch depends on the type of closure that the watch has.

Hold the watch face down in the palm of your hand. Hold the watch in whichever hand is the hand you use less often, such as your left hand if you are right- handed. Hold on tightly to the stem of the watch with your hand.

Place the palm of your hand flat against the back of the watch. Press firmly as you turn the back counter-clockwise. Take care not to press too firmly on the back of the watch as this will make it more difficult to remove the back.

Continue to turn the watch counter-clockwise until it releases from the front of the Elgin watch.

Locate the area where the pieces of the watch-back snap together. There should be a small lip at this point.

Insert the watch case opener between the two or three pieces of the watch case where they meet with a small lip.

Twist the watch case opener to pop off the back pieces from the watch. Snap the pieces back onto the back of the watch when finished.

Press down on the crown of the watch to release the cover from the top of the watch.

Turn the watch over and locate the small lip where the edges of the back part of the watch align. Most hunting back Elgin watches have a snap-on back.

Insert the watch case opener and twist slightly to release the back pieces and open the back of the watch case. Replace the back pieces when finished and then hold the crown down as you close the case. If you do not hold the crown down while closing the case, the edge of the front cover will wear down and it will make it impossible to close the watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Elgin watch
  • Watch case opener
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