How to Mix Songs With Audacity

Updated April 17, 2017

Audacity is a free audio editing and recording program. Available for nearly every platform, the program allows you to edit radio pieces, audio clips and even mix songs together. Using Audacity allows you to mix several layers of songs and instrumental sections together just as you would when editing together an audio piece.

Record your songs or song sections into separate files.

Create a new file by navigating to "File," and then "New."

Import your audio by navigating to "Project," and then "Import Audio." Choose your audio sections from the folders where they are saved. You will now have several different levels. See Picture 1.

Hit the space bar on your computer to play your files. To listen to each individually, you can select the "Mute" button for each on the left.

Using the "Selection Tool" (the cursor icon on the toolbar), highlight a selection you may wish to repeat, and cut or copy it.

Create another level by navigating to "Project," and then "New Audio Track."

Navigate to "Generate," and then "Silence" with your new track selected. Estimate the amount of silence you will need. The length of your longest track will be a safe bet. If unsure, put down 600 seconds for 10 minutes.

Place your cursor where you want the audio you cut out to be placed, and paste your selection.

Cut and paste your selections into the blank audio track as you wish. You can also create the same effect with separate audio tracks.

Adjust the levels of your audio tracks by choosing the Envelope Tool from your toolbar. It is the button with two white triangles pushing on a purple line. When you select this, it will highlight your tracks with thick purple lines.

Click on the thick purple lines, making two points around the area you wish to fade in or out.

Pull the purple lines down to lower the volume. This will allow you to make the sound fade in.

Take away your other audio tracks by clicking the "X" on the top left of each track.

Export your audio file as an MP3 file by navigating to "File," then "Export as MP3."


Make sure to mute the other audio tracks you imported earlier when testing your new track.

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