How to Create a Vector Boxing Glove

Updated April 17, 2017

A vector boxing glove is a great graphic to have on hand not only for boxing events but also for anything that has to do with victory or hard work. This is a simple boxing glove for even the beginner to create, one that looks much more complicated than it is. You can even customise the text where the brand of the glove would normally be, making it usable for T-shirt design and party invites.

With your shape tool, draw your base rectangle shape.

With your pen tool, draw a shape that connects to the rectangle base that rounds out at the top, like a mitten. Drawing these first steps with a black outline around it makes it easier to connect the shapes.

Still using the pen tool, draw the thumb shape which would be rounded at the outer edge and look similar to a drumstick. Select the three shapes and get rid of the black outline. Group the shapes together by keeping all three selected. Then press control and G. Or you can go to Object then Group.

Draw in lines for the creases at the connection of the thumb to the main part of the glove, and little creases that would be created coming out of the main crease. Draw a line separating the wrist part from the main part of the glove, or the main rectangle shape from the rest of the glove. Make these lines a darker hue of the colour of your glove.

Turn the main crease connecting the thumb and main part of the glove into a shape. To do this, switch the stroke to a fill. Now you can tweak your shape to your liking. Select the smaller creases connected to it, and make them into shapes. To do this, go to Object, then Path, then Outline Stroke. Now with your Direct Selection Tool, or the white arrow, you can tweak these to your liking.

To create the label, draw a rectangle into your main rectangle shape. With your rectangle still selected, go to your colour palette and select the grey gradient. If you'd like, you can add text by selecting your text tool, clicking on your artboard (not on the gradient) and creating your text. Then you can drag it on top of the label.


Try different colours. When tweaking the shapes, you can also delete points by going into your pen tool palette and selecting the Delete Anchor Point tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Vector based drawing program, such as Adobe Illustrator.
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