How to Cook on Hot Stones

Updated February 21, 2017

The method of cooking on hot stones is called hot stone cooking method, or Ishiyaki. This method cooks food on a hot stone instead of a BBQ, oven or stove. It is a creative and trendy way to cook food, especially if you are throwing a dinner party with guests.

Place your cooking stones in an oven that can hold the weight (most ovens should be able to hold at least two to three cooking stones that weight 2kg each). The oven must be able to hold a temperature at 238 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes. Keep your stones in the oven.

Cut up your meats and vegetables while the stones cook. Good ideas include strips of steak, poultry, pork and especially seafood such as fish and shellfish. The pieces of meat should be cut about 1 inch by 2 to 3 inches. This all depends on the size of the stones, though. Good ideas for vegetables include cut strips of pepper, mushrooms, spinach, snap peas, etc.

Make sure to set the hot stones on platters or plates that can hold the heat, as well as keep the stones in place so they do not slide around. Handle the stones with care as they will be extremely hot. Use oven gloves, or long tongs to extract and put the stones in the oven and onto platters.

Place strips of meat and vegetables onto the hot rocks and cook them thoroughly. The hot rocks need to be maintained above 37.8 degrees Celsius in order to cook food properly. Do not place too much food on the hot rocks, or it will make the food cook much slower. Use chop sticks or long utensils to put the food on the hot rocks, and remove it.

Season the food with spices, salt and pepper, or marinades, if desired. Eat the food after you cook, and enjoy. Place platters of different sauces around the hot rocks for guests to dip the cooked food into for added flavour.


The thicker the stones are, the longer they will hold the heat.


Cooking stones must be sanitised properly and up to regulation standards. Cooking rocks are usually sold as such, so they should be fine to use without checking.

Things You'll Need

  • Hot cooking stones
  • Various food
  • Oven
  • Oven gloves or long tongs
  • Cutting board and knives
  • Sturdy platters and plates
  • Various vegetables or rice
  • Utensils for cooked food
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