How to Open Email Attachments on an iPhone

Updated April 17, 2017

The iPhone contains many new and advanced applications. Mail is one of the most commonly used iPhone applications. Not only can you check and send e-mail from many different online accounts, but you can also open and view attachments directly from your iPhone. The iPhone will open and allow you to read all commonly used file types that are attached to e-mail, including video and Microsoft Office files.

Open the mail application by touching the icon of the envelope marked "Mail."

Select the message you wish to open by touching the preview of that message. Touching the message preview will open the message for you to read.

Look for the paper clip. If the message has attachments you will see a paper clip icon indicating that the messages contains attachments that can be opened.

Scroll to the bottom of the message and the attachments will be listed by name and file type. Touch each attachment to open it.


Certain kinds of attachments such as MS Office files are view only, and require a third party application installed on the iPhone if you wish to edit or change these attachments.

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