How to Put A Total Gym 1000 Together

Updated March 23, 2017

Your Total Gym will come completely assembled right out of the box. It is folded up in the storage position, which makes the Total Gym a great piece of exercise equipment for any size home. It can stand folded up in a corner or lay flat enough to roll easily under a bed. The Total Gym unit comes with a set-up DVD that shows you how to easily unfold the Total Gym for quick use. If you do not have a DVD player, all you have to do is follow some simple directions to be ready for a total body workout on your Total Gym in minutes.

Open the lid and lay the box flat, exposing the folded Total Gym unit still in its packing protection. Remove the cardboard end piece from the top of the unit (as noted by the word Total on the visible portion of the slide pad) by sliding the cardboard away from the unit.

Grab the unit on the side next to the "T" and reach under to locate the foot pad/squat stand, and slide it out from under the unit. Remove the foam protectors on the ends of the foot pad/squat stand.

Remove the cardboard protection on the opposite end of the Total Gym unit by sliding it off away from the machine. Insert the foot pad/squat stand in the holes at the bottom of the unit. It will slide right into place.

Walk to the top of the unit on the opposite side of the foot pad/squat stand. Bend your knees to protect your back and lift the top of the unit upright until it is standing on its bottom end with the foot pad/squat stand parallel to the floor. The Total Gym will stand on its own in this position for easy storage and can be tilted slightly to roll to a storage position if desired.

Bend at the knees and gently slide open the two sides of the Total Gym a little bit to remove the extra box of accessories that comes with your unit. These will include the wing bar (hand bar) accessory and a box of DVD tapes.

Open the Total Gym by placing your hands along one side and pushing to slide it open flat. Keep your hands away from the top hinge of the unit while you are opening it.

Grab the black support column, located between the silver slide bars, and pull up firmly until it is in an upright position. The support column will automatically click into place with a slide pin located at the base of the column.

Place one foot on the foot of the support column, and take hold of the slide bar arms on each side of the column to raise the height level of the glide pad to the desired level. There are six levels to lock the Total Gym into for increased resistance. The height adjustment handle will snap into place with each level. Grab the handle and pull out to release it from a level and lower or raise the bar. When you have placed your Total Gym at the desired height, insert the safety hitch pin hanging along the side of the support column into the hole on the side of the height column to lock it firmly in place.

All cables are completely attached to your Total Gym, and you are ready to work out. Unhook your cables if you wish to use the wing bar, squat stand or Pilates toe bar if your equipment came with that accessory. You can release the cables by sliding the slide pad up and reaching under it to unhook the cables. To reattach them, simply slide the pad up again and attach the cables to the hook beneath the slide pad once more.

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