How to Replace a Toshiba Satellite Laptop Screen

Updated April 17, 2017

When the screen on a laptop goes dead, your first instinct may be to simply replace the entire unit. Replacing a malfunctioning screen on a Toshiba Satellite series laptop is possible, but it is much more difficult than installing a new monitor on a desktop computer. When replacing a Satellite laptop screen, you will need both the new LCD screen and a new inverter board.

Power off the Toshiba Satellite laptop completely and remove any connected cables or peripherals. Close the LCD screen lid. Turn the entire unit over so that the bottom side is facing upwards.

Hold down the battery release latch and then slide the battery out of the case. Set the battery aside.

Turn the laptop back over and open the lid so that the LCD screen is facing out towards you. Pull out the five rubber seals located around the sides of the screen with the flat edge of a screwdriver. Remove the screws located underneath the seals and set them aside.

Slide the flat edge of the screwdriver in between the seams on the bottom and both sides of the laptop, and snap back the latches holding the screen cover in place. Pull the screen cover off.

Push the screwdriver underneath the plastic bezel just underneath the screen. Pop the bezel out so that the inverter board is visible. Remove the screw holding the board into place and then pull off the cables located on both sides. Pull the inverter board out of the case.

Pull off the thin strip of tape covering the video cable that runs from the LCD screen to the motherboard. Disconnect the cable. Remove the two screws on both sides of the screen that connect it to the case. Pull the entire screen off.

Set the new inverter board into the slot on the motherboard. Connect the two cables to it and reattach the screw. Set the new screen on and connect the two screws. Plug the video cable in.

Put the plastic bezel back onto the case. Set the screen cover back on the screen and reconnect the screws. Push the rubber seals back into place.

Place the battery back into the laptop, and then power it on to ensure the screen is working properly.


Don't forget to ground yourself before working with the internal components of your laptop by touching a metal object that is sitting on the floor.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement LCD screen
  • Replacement inverter board
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