How to make a cheap fabric gazebo

Updated April 17, 2017

A fabric gazebo will add privacy to the garden. A fabric gazebo is also a beautiful focal point. A garden is enhanced by a gazebo that will provide a spot to find protection from the sun and wind.

Buy bamboo poles at a garden store. Ensure the poles are at least 30 cm (12 inches) taller than the desired height of the gazebo. Use strong bamboo poles to create a sturdy gazebo.

Find fabric to use to make the gazebo. Water proof or weather proof fabric is best for a gazebo that will last for years. Use sturdy fabric. Spray the fabric with a sun protection spray too to prevent fading. Then measure out the desired size of the gazebo and use string to mark the ground where the gazebo will be created.

Hammer the four corner bamboo poles into the ground at least 30 cm (12 inches) to secure them. You may also wish to put a bit of cement over the poles in the ground to add additional strength to the structure. Put two additional poles in front of the back corner poles to stretch the side fabric over.

Sew the fabric panels cut to the size of the gazebo sides to create a hem to slip over the bamboo poles. Slip the fabric panel over the two back poles first. Then put the left hand side panel over the side pole; then add the right hand fabric over the side pole. Hand sew or staple the fabric for the front panels to the edge of the side panel fabric.

Add a long strip of fabric on each side of the two front panels of the gazebo. Then use the strips to tie the two front panels of the gazebo together for privacy.


Use sturdy fabric and sturdy bamboo poles. Find inexpensive fabric for this project at thrift shops and flea markets.


Determine the anticipated size of the gazebo before you purchase fabric or the bamboo poles.

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo stakes
  • Fabric panels cut to the size needed for the gazebo
  • Hammer
  • String (to measure out the desired size of the gazebo)
  • Sewing supplies or a stapler (to attach the fabric to the bamboo poles)
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