How to Make a Homemade Kid's Fireman Costume

Updated March 23, 2017

Costumes are a useful educational tool to help children try different possible roles. If a small child you know likes to pretend he's rescuing people from fires, consider making a fireman costume. This easy-to-create costume will delight any small child who dreams of responding to the clang of a fire alarm.

Fit an old raincoat to your would-be fireman. The coat should cover his arms and run halfway down his legs. Sew any seams to fit.

Cut out the letters to the word "fireman." Use one colour for all eight letters. The fabric should be in a contrasting colour from the old raincoat. White looks good against black. Black will stand out against yellow.

Sew the word "fireman" to the back of the raincoat.

Measure the width of the raincoat sleeves. Cut out strips of fabric that will fit around the sides of the sleeves. Sew stripes in a contrasting colour around the sleeves of the raincoat. Electrical tape can be substituted for fabric.

Measure the width of the bottom of the raincoat. Cut out additional strips in fabric in the same colour as used for the stripes on the sleeves. Sew the stripes at least 1 inch from the bottom of the raincoat.

Use electrical tape to spell out a child's name on the sides of a pair of galoshes. The galoshes should be the same colour as the raincoat.


For a finishing touch, buy a fireman's hat at a costume or craft store. Wear plain dark paints and a shirt underneath the raincoat and galoshes.

Things You'll Need

  • Raincoat
  • Fabric
  • Electrical tape
  • Galoshes
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