How to create a gift coupon template

Gift coupons are a method used to reward somebody. These coupons are supplied to customers for a discount, free item or service. Businesses and individuals alike can create gift coupon templates with Microsoft Office Word, Publisher or Outlook applications. Creating a coupon template permits you to easily and quickly produce a new one whenever you need it.

Visit the Microsoft Office templates page and choose a gift token template that suits your needs.

Click on the template icon or name to view it. Verify that the template selected will work with the Microsoft Office program and version you are using.

Click “Download.” Read and accept the Microsoft Service Agreement to download the gift coupon template. It will automatically open in the program needed.

Customise the template. Choose any part of the coupon to modify it. Highlight any words and insert your own. Alter the colour, style and font if desired.

Remove any areas of the gift coupon you do not need by selecting them and then clicking “Delete.”

Include a graphic on the gift coupon. Click “Insert” and then “Picture.”

Save the gift coupon template. Click on “Save As,” found in the File menu. Type in a name for the file. Select “Document template” from the “Save as type” drop-down list. Click “Save.”


Starting with a previously created gift token as described here is the easiest and fastest way to make a gift coupon template. The page set-up and all of the basic details will already be included on it. Use pictures, graphics or illustrations that are related to the gift coupon's purpose, recipient or creator.


If you make any changes to the template that are permanent, make sure you save it again as a template.

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