How to Make Lily of the Valley Perfume

Updated April 17, 2017

Lily of the valley has long been considered one of the premier fragrances. When creating a perfume using this essential oil, you will need to experiment with the recipe and how it reacts to your skin and body chemistry before settling on a scent that will be uniquely yours.

Assemble your ingredients. The lily of the valley plant is poisonous in all its aspects, so purchasing an organic essential oil rather than creating your own would be recommended. Research various scents that highlight the lily of the valley oil to give yourself a head start on creating your perfume. Some scents don't mix well, and researching will give you ideas of what will work well together. Sterilise all your equipment.

Start with your base oil. This is a stronger scent that will stay with you the longest. Sandalwood, jojoba and vanilla are all excellent base note oils. Place 1 tsp of your base oil and 1 tsp of the 100 proof vodka or brandy into the small glass jar. Add two drops of the liquid glycerine. Shake gently or stir. Allow to rest for 24 hours before continuing.

Add your second oil. This scent will stay, but not as long as the base scent. This could be the citrus oil, jasmine or orange blossom.
Add 2 drops of the oil you have chosen as your mid-tone. Shake gently or stir and allow to rest 24 hours before continuing. If needed, add more drops of this tone until you are happy with the scent. Always allow to rest in between additions.

Add your lily of the valley oil as the top note. Top note scents gently stay on the top of the fragrance and tend to evaporate more quickly. This oil could be the rose, rosemary or cassis, again depending upon what you want for your scent.
Add two to three drops of this oil to your mixture and shake or stir gently. Allow to rest another 24 hours before checking the scent. Add additional drops if you desire. Once your mix is complete, cap it tightly and allow it to rest 7 to 10 days before trying it on your skin. Repeat all the steps until you have a perfume you are happy to wear.


Record all your measurements and additions as you are doing them so that you can duplicate the recipe once you are happy with the perfume you have made.

Things You'll Need

  • Essential oil of lily of the valley or muguet
  • Essential oils of jasmine, rose, citrus, orange blossom, etc.
  • Base essential oil (jojoba)
  • 100 proof vodka or brandy
  • Dark glass bottle with tight stopper
  • Eye dropper for each oil used
  • Funnel (optional)
  • Liquid glycerine
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