How to Remove Inner Door Panels on a VW TDI

Updated February 21, 2017

Knowing how to remove the inner door panel of your Volkswagen TDI opens up many possibilities. By removing the door panel, you can access the car's front door speakers for replacement or rewiring, and you may save on repair costs if you ever need to put a window back on track, replace an electric window motor, or add power door lock actuators. Removing your inner door panel won't take long and only requires a few simple tools.

Roll the window down. Pry out the inner panel of the door-handle recess by slipping a panel tool or putty knife behind it and prying up.

Pull upward on the door's instrument-switch panel (where the power window controls are). You may need to slip a screwdriver or panel tool underneath it to get leverage.

Once the switch panel is loose, unplug the cables leading to the switches. Set the switch panel off to the side.

Remove the three Phillips screws that have been exposed by removing the panel. Then remove the three Phillips screws that are located at the bottom of the door panel. Finally, locate the Phillips screw at the front inside of the door -- open the door all the way and you'll see this. Set these screws aside in a safe place.

Slide your panel tool behind the door panel and carefully pry the door panel away from the metal door shell. When it's loose, lift the door panel up and off of the metal door shell.

Things You'll Need

  • panel tool
  • screwdrivers
  • thin bladed knife or putty knife
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