How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants

Updated April 17, 2017

Pharaoh ants are very small insects that can be found nearly anywhere. They are more than a nuisance and have the ability to form colonies and infest a house and yard very quickly. Because their nests tend to be well hidden, and because they are so difficult to exterminate, many people opt to hire a professional when their home or yard becomes infested. If you want to try to get rid of pharaoh ants on your own, the tips below should help.

Determine where the pharaoh ants are located by searching your home and yard to detect trails and other signs of ant activity. Inside the home, pharaoh ants are often found near sources of water, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. Worker ants may be seen along baseboards or windowsills or near the back of kitchen counters. Sometimes pharaoh ants nest in wall voids, under carpets or inside wall outlets. They may be found anywhere in the yard, and locating their trails outside may be nearly impossible.

Avoid spraying and dusting as these methods of pest control will only cause pharaoh ant colonies to scatter. Spraying may result in the formation of numerous sub-colonies, causing an infestation considerably worse than before spraying.

Figure out what the pharaoh ants are feeding on, as this information will help you when choosing bait. All ants need carbohydrates, greases and sugars to survive, and pharaoh ants will often feed on other insects, plant products, nectar or sugary household leftovers to meet those needs.

Choose a slow-acting bait to make certain that foraging ants have the opportunity to bring it back to the nest. In order to eliminate your ant infestation, you must get rid of the queen and nest workers as well as the foragers. Quick-acting bait will kill the foraging ants too quickly for them to bring the bait back to the nest and brood.

Change your bait if necessary. If the ants seem disinterested in your current bait, you may be using the wrong type. Be patient and change your bait as many times as needed until the ants begin visiting it.

Eliminate any competing food sources from your home and yard. If you leave other food sources around, the pharaoh ants will very likely be more attracted to those than to your bait. Check your home and yard carefully for other food sources, and make certain to fully remove any you come across.

Contact a pest control professional if you remain unable to eliminate pharaoh ants from your home or yard. Pharaoh ants are considerably more difficult to remove than other types of ants. The longer your infestation is allowed to continue, the more difficult it will be to rid your home of pharaoh ants completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Several slow-acting bait types, depending on your ants' current diet
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