How to Enable a Wireless Card on Dell Latitude D410

Updated March 23, 2017

Laptops, like desktops, need working hardware to function properly. When dealing with issues such as network connectivity, the drivers, how the hardware works together, becomes even more important. A wireless card needs to be installed and enabled for wireless Internet connection.

Make sure wireless card is installed properly. The card should be installed on the bottom of the notebook, connected by two wires; one black, the other white.

Connect to through Ethernet.

Click "Drivers and Downloads."

Choose from the choices to identify the model. The choices are "Choose model," and "Enter a service tag."

Select "Laptops" when asked to identify product family. Then "Latitude." Next "D410." Click on the icon.

Choose "Network" in the field for Category. When the page updates after choosing Network, scroll down to wireless drive and click

Once the driver is downloaded you will be prompted to Install the driver. Click After the driver is installed, your wireless card will be recognised.

Things You'll Need

  • Installed wireless card
  • Dell Latitude D410
  • Ethernet connection
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