How to Solve a Wooden 3D Cube Puzzle

Updated March 17, 2017

The Wooden 3D Cube Puzzle is made up of 12 pieces that fit together to form a complete cube. Of the 12 pieces there are five pairs of identical pieces and two unique pieces. To complete the puzzle, you will need to correctly stack the pieces so there are no gaps on the outside or the inside of the cube. Before starting the puzzle, separate your pieces into any pairs to speed up hunting for the correct pieces when you start assembling the cube.

Place the puzzle piece composed of four cubes connected by a bar in front of you so the bar is perpendicular to your body.

Add one of the long pieces that resembles a bracket directly on top of the bar so the end protrusions of the bracket point up. Repeat with the second bar and bracket pieces. Set one of the combinations aside.

Place the piece that resembles a telephone receiver, or a rectangle with a small gap, perpendicular to the bracket piece closest to you so the bracket extension fits into the gap of the telephone piece. Repeat on the opposite side with the other telephone piece.

Rotate the puzzle so the bar on the bottom is parallel to your body. Place the combination you put aside earlier on top of the puzzle so that the two bars are parallel and the protruding extensions of the bracket piece in the combination fit into the grooves created by the telephone pieces of the main puzzle.

Grip the two pieces that resemble a bracket with a gap and protrusion in the middle, one in each hand. Rotate the pieces so they are vertical with the protrusions furthest from you. Slide the pieces into the gaps on both sides of the cube. Push the pieces until they meet in the middle and form a pillar in the centre of the puzzle.

Fit one of the dumbbell pieces into the remaining rectangle piece with the large gap to form a "T" shape with a gap in the cross-section of the "T."

Rotate the cube 90 degrees towards you. You will see a large hole in the top of the cube. Push the piece south of the hole to close the gap while opening a new gap on the top of the cube.

Slide the "T" shape into the gap so that the top ends of the piece fill in the grooves on the top of the puzzle. Push the top edge of the cube inward to close the gap.

Turn the cube completely over so the completed top side is on the bottom.

Fit the remaining dumbbell piece into the remaining rectangle piece to create the same "T" shape as before. Slide the "T" into the gap on the puzzle to complete the 3D Puzzle Cube.

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