How to Make a Reed Diffuser Base Oil

Updated April 17, 2017

Reed diffuser base oil contains essential or synthetic oil as the fragrance ingredient and a base oil to carry and dilute this fragrance element into the reeds. Heavy carrier oils make the fragrance slow to diffuse, as it is sluggish to travel up the reeds. A thinner oil base makes quicker oil diffusion into the reeds and air. Alcohol helps oil bases to flow easier. Amber and cobalt glass bottles are good colours for diffusers because they protect the oil from ultraviolet light damage.

Combine 12 drops of fragrance oil to a quarter cup of a carrier oil --- mineral, sweet almond or safflower oil. Combine them to create your preferred fluid consistency absorption rate.

Fill a dark glass bottle three quarters full and place a cap on it.

Shake gently and take a sniff to see if it is the scent you desire. Add more fragrance if needed.

Add 1 tbsp of vodka to keep the viscosity low and allow the oil to travel up the reed stems.

Keep notes of the fragrance recipes you create so you can duplicate them.


You can use fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol (DPGF) as your carrier oil. You can add perfume to carrier oils to scent a reed diffuser. No vodka is necessary when using perfume as the fragrance. Turn your reeds every week to keep the capillary action in progress.

Things You'll Need

  • Essential or synthetic fragrance oil
  • Carrier oil (mineral, sweet almond or safflower oil)
  • Dark glass bottle, with a narrow neck
  • Cork or cap that fits the selected bottle
  • Vodka
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