How to download songs onto an iPod shuffle

Updated February 21, 2017

Did you just get a brand new iPod Shuffle and are wondering how to get songs safely onto your iPod? This article will take you through the basic steps of how to put songs on your iPod shuffle as well as how to download songs directly from the iTunes Store. Keep in mind that these steps are specifically for an iPod Shuffle and may not be consistent with other iPods.

The first thing you need to do is to install iTunes. Before plugging your iPod into your computer, you should have an iTunes disc to insert into your disc drive. If you don't have an iTunes disc, you can download iTunes for free (see Resources below). Make sure you download and install iTunes for your specific operating system, whether it be a Mac or a PC version. Once complete, you are ready to plug your iPod Shuffle into your computer. You will need to name your iPod, and then all of the iPod information will be made available in iTunes. Also, make sure to select "Manually Manage Music" from the main iPod information screen in iTunes.

The first thing you can do to put music on your iPod Shuffle is to import an audio CD to iTunes. First, insert the audio CD you wish to put on your Shuffle (or album containing a single track) into your disc drive. The CD should appear in iTunes, and if you are connected to the Internet, the correct track listing should appear. You can now select all of the songs from the CD or whichever ones you want to go onto your iPod.

Import the songs into your iTunes library by clicking the "Import CD" button at the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes, or you can right-click the selected songs and choose "Create AAC Version." The songs will rip from the CD and become stored in your iTunes' library. Now, to put the songs that you just ripped onto your iPod Shuffle, select all the songs you wish to transfer from your library. Drag the selected songs into the "Music" portion of your iPod Shuffle. Your songs should be transferred to your iPod.

To get songs from the Internet to your iPod, you can simply click on the iTunes Store option on your iTunes. You will be directed to the iTunes Store, where you can set up an account and purchase music. Once purchased, the songs will go directly to your iTunes library. Once again, you can drag these songs to the "Music" folder of your iPod Shuffle.

Finally, keep in mind that you can sync your iPod with your iTunes so that all new songs will automatically be updated to your iPod, or you can manually control your iPod as you would have in the previous steps. The options to "Sync Music" or "Manually Manage Music" will appear in the system information that first appears when your iPod is plugged in.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod Shuffle
  • iTunes
  • iTunes Store account
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