How to Hang Pinch Pleated Curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

Pinch pleated curtains have a timeless elegance that works in most decors, especially traditional or formal styles. Because of the wide variety of materials, patterns, stripes, and solid colours, pinch pleated curtains will enhance your room and frame the window. Add a decorative rod and you have a focal point for your room. Hanging pinch pleated curtains is not difficult with the proper curtain rod.

Attach the curtain rod. For pinch pleated curtains, you want a rod that has clips, pins or rings to use for attaching the curtains. The rings are especially nice, for the curtains will hang below the rings, allowing the decorative rod to show. Some rods have a rope mechanism so you can draw the curtains by pulling a cord.

Use a stepladder. Even if the curtain rod is low enough to reach, using a stepladder is much easier. It is also easier to hang the curtains onto the attached window rod. Trying to attach the curtains and then putting up the rod is a cumbersome chore.

Hang one panel at a time. Climb the stepladder with one panel. Starting from either the left or right, attach each pleat to the pin, clip or ring. Once all the pleats are attached, smooth the curtain panel with your hands. You may want to tug on it slightly to relax the material.

Once you have attached the first panel, then hang the second panel by attaching each pleat to the pin, clip or ring. It is important that each pleat is attached to a separate pin, clip or ring for the curtain to hang properly. Curtain rods have enough pins, clips or rings to accommodate all the pleats.

Adjust the curtains. Once you have attached both panels, step back to see how the curtains hang. Make sure each side is even to create balance. Run your finger and thumb from the top of the pleat downward to help the curtains hang naturally.


Buy a decorative curtain rod designed for pinch pleated curtains, not pocket curtains.


Do not hang the curtains by yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain rod with pins, clips or rings
  • Stepladder
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