How to talk to girls online

Updated March 23, 2017

Talking to girls online can sometimes be much easier than talking to them in person, but there is still an art to carrying on a conversation when it is conducted over the Internet. You need to know how to keep the chat flowing well and how to keep girls interested. With some luck--and talent--you might find yourself meeting girls face-to-face after a successful online chat.

Decide what kind of girl you want to talk to. Are you hoping to find a girl online you will eventually meet and have a meaningful relationship with, or do you simply want to talk with girls online with no plans for anything beyond chatting? Because most websites have a certain focus with regard to what the chatters want--whether it's a relationship, friends or something else--you'll want to find a website based on what you're looking for.

Talk to girls you already know using an instant messenger program such as Yahoo! or MSN. You can also use the IM programs included with social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. Using these programs, you can have real-time conversations with girls who you already know, or those with you aren't too familiar but would like to know better. The advantage to using the IM program on a social networking website is the option of perusing the girl's website before or during the chat so you already know her interests.

Find girls you don't already know by checking out some chat sites. Because there are so many chat sites available, narrow your search by sticking with websites that pertain to subjects you're interested in (see Resources). Not only will you be able to meet girls who have similar interests, but you will also have something to talk about. It can be much easier to initiate and maintain an online conversation if you have a topic of interest both chatters want to talk about.

Read what you type aloud before you submit it into the chat system. Remember that sometimes the way things look when typed seems a lot different when spoken aloud, and this is why you want to make sure that you aren't sending the wrong message by mistake. As you become more adept at talking to girls online, you won't need to do this anymore. In the beginning stages, however, this might calm your nerves while also making sure you type what you actually mean to say.

Don't rely too greatly on smileys and other tricks. While these can certainly accentuate an online conversation when used appropriately, using them too much can annoy the girl you are talking to. Be yourself. Don't put on a facade and pretend to be someone you aren't. You'll enjoy the conversations more--and get a better reaction from the girls.


Girls are often approached online by pushy guys, so try not to come on too strong.


Don't even think about chatting with underage girls online if you are an adult male.

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