How to Make a Candy Bar Tree

Updated April 17, 2017

A chocolate bar tree is a festive gift to give around the holidays, specifically Christmas time. Many speciality candy shops make chocolate bar trees to give as gifts, but you can save on the cost of someone else making it for you and make one with your kids to give out. Making the tree yourself is fairly affordable and can also add a great personal touch. To make your own, all you will need is a styrofoam base, toothpicks and some tiny candy bars. Soon you will have your own darling chocolate bar tree.

Pick out a styrofoam cone that is about the size of the tree you would want.

Take the toothpicks and tape one to two to the bottom of your candy bars.

Poke the toothpicks into your cone. You can either have them stick out of the tree or up toward the top.

Work around the tree in a circle to make sure that all the empty styrofoam space is covered.


You can also cover your styrofoam cone with paper or cellophane to keep any of the white or green styrofoam from peeking out. If making one around Christmas time, find some chocolate star-shaped candies to put at the top of the tree. You can also place the tree on a green, gold or red round piece of felt to give the impression of a tree skirt. You can also tape little chocolates to the skirt to look like gifts at the base of the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Cone styrofoam base
  • Toothpicks
  • Small candy bars
  • Tape
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