How to make a fringed flapper dress

While original flapper dresses were made from silky woven fabric, knit fabric also works when making a modern version of the dress. Knit flapper dresses are suitable as costumes or if you like the 1920s style of dresses but want a dress that holds up to laundering. Skip the basic sewing and jump right into adding the flair by buying a plain manufactured tank dress. Choose a dress and the corresponding fringe in contrasting colours, such as a red dress with black fringe, for the best result.

Position the bottom layer of fringe with the sewing band overlapping the bottom edge of dress's hemline. Pin the fringe to the dress.

Sew all the way around the hemline right on top of the fringe's tape, with the sewing machine set on a zigzag or other stretch stitch. Remove the pins.

Hang up the dress on the dressmaker's dummy or hanger.

Position the next row of fringe three inches above the tape that attached the hemline fringe and pin the second row of fringe in place. Sew the fringe in place. Remove the pins.

Try on the dress to check if the top layer of fringe falls across your hips. If the fringe falls across your thighs, repeat the sewing steps to add another layer of fringe.

Position and pin a final round of fringe all the way around the dress' neckline. Sew the neckline fringe in place, then remove the pins.


If the fringe gets in your way as you add new layers, tape it down with cellophane tape. The tape will not stay in place very long, but it will hold the fringe back long enough to work on the dress. For extra shine, consider adding beaded fringe for the top layer of fringe around your hips or the dress neckline.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 above-the-knee length tank dress
  • 4-inch long fringe
  • Ballpoint straight pins
  • Sewing machine with ballpoint needle and zipper foot installed
  • Dressmaker's dummy or hanger
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