How to Set My ADT Alarm

Updated April 17, 2017

Home security from ADT gives homeowners the piece of mind they need and ensures the safety of their valuables and their family. Once you have the electronic security system, it is essential that you keep up-to-date and know the basic functions of the ADT system. Setting the alarm may well prove to be the most important aspect of the alarm -- after the installation of the components. Consult a company representative or the home installation personnel for specific advice and knowledge on your ADT system.

Locate the appropriate chapter in your owner's manual. Contact your local ADT staff or download a copy from the ADT website, if you have lost the manual. Settings will vary by model.

Keep track of the security code installed on your system. According to an ADT manual, "your installer programmed a personal four-digit Master code...[which] is used to perform most system functions including arming and disarming the system."

Punch your master code into the keyboard. Decide which level of security you would like -- based on whether or not you will be inside or outside the home -- and what area you would like to have secured.

Hit either the "Stay," "Instant," "Away" or "Maximum" button within a few seconds of entering your code. Wait for the proper display setting to appear on your LCD screen.

Allow the red "armed" light to light up, before the changes are put into effect. Reset or disable the system, if you need to go outside.


The "Away" and "Maximum" functions should only be used when no one is home.


Use of the "Away" and "Maximum" functions, while staying in the home, will cause the alarm to sound.

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