How to Make the Red Baron's Plane Model

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the most enjoyable and relaxing hobbies around is model building. Hours may be poured into a model aeroplane in order to achieve that next to perfect replica. To succeed in creating a detailed replica, research the plane to be modelled, in this case the Red Baron's.

Purchase a tri-wing, single seat, model plane from a local big box or hobby store. Your research will pay off here as you make your purchase. The paint colours you buy should match up with the colours associated with the Red Baron's Plane. Also buy the appropriate decals that match those of the Red Baron, and guns to mount on the plane in front of the pilot. If you cannot find decals that are similar to the Red Baron's plane, you will need to paint them on, so buy all the correct paint colours for the job.

Unwrap the model and carefully lay all of the parts out on a flat surface. This will include both loose parts as well as those connected. Inspect the kit for any obvious missing parts of the mould.

Read your instructions carefully before beginning any assembly. You will need to understand the process in which the assembly will take place along with any preparation needed for certain parts. Take this initial time to also become familiar with your glues and paints and associated drying times.

Begin the process by painting the parts while still attached to the moulding form. This is a trick which allows for comfortably holding the parts while performing detailed paint work. Allow for sufficient drying time prior to assembly. Look at pictures you have of the Red Baron plane and put decals on in the appropriate places. If no decals are available, then, with a steady hand, paint them on as accurately as possible.

Use a hobby knife to separate the individual parts from the mould form. Sand any parts with undesirable pieces of plastic that may interfere with the assembly process. Also, touch up any parts That may be damaged or unpainted.

Glue the parts together as directed. You may need to improvise vices, clamps, and other means of holding parts together until they are dry. Allow sufficient drying time.

When the entire plane is assembled, take another opportunity to repaint or touch up any damaged or unpainted parts or areas. Once again, allow for time to dry.


There are many types of modelling glues available with various drying times. Allow time for drying for glue and paint coats.


Use caution when working with hobby knives. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation when working with glues and paints.

Things You'll Need

  • Tri-wing model plane
  • Model buildng glue
  • Hobby knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paints and brush
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