How to Get Two Xbox 360 Headsets Working on the Same Console

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the best features of the Xbox 360 is the ability to seamlessly play with others, both online and locally. This is especially apparent in games like Gears of War and Halo 3. Voice Chat is an essential component of online play, and there is an easy way to make sure you and a friend can both team up with voicechat headsets to take on the competition

Turn on your Xbox 360 and sync your two controllers by pressing the "syn" button at the top of the controller with the sync button on the top of the console. Hold both buttons for 15 seconds. Your console will now recognise both controllers.

Plug your wired headset into each controller, then boot up your preferred game. Wait for the game to begin, then go into your preferred online mode. If you are using a wireless headset, sync it to your individual controller before proceeding.

Press the Xbox button on the first controller and select the gameplay channel under "Audio Options." You should now hear the voices of the various people playing online.

Repeat the above step with the second controller. Both players should now be able to chat and talk with the various players online.


To avoid echoing, it is best to sit far away from the other local player when playing online.


Do not divulge personal information or engage in profanity while on Xbox Live. This is a violation of the terms of service, and can get you banned.

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