Wood Router Projects

Updated February 21, 2017

Building with wood is fun and easy and provides a way to acquire items too expensive to purchase. Building your own projects is a cost justified alternative. Woodworking tools come in every shape and size. Some are electric and some are manual. Learning how to use woodworking tools could be as easy as reading a brochure or maybe attending a woodshop class. Whatever method you choose, learning the hobby will mean more woodworking skill and a larger variety of projects you can do. Many wood projects require router ability. Routers make beautiful inlays and designs in wood. If you are looking to use a router and you need some project ideas, read through the following steps and maybe something listed might be of interest to you.

Purchase the wood you will use for your router project. The project you choose, will determine the type and size of wood. For instance, choose cherrywood if you are making a quilt rack. Using a plunge router with a 1/16 inch bit creates a perfect leaf stem for inlay work on the side of your rack. For free plans see Resources.

Choose mahogany if you are creating a contemporary headboard. Hand tools are used to shape the headboard's curved rail, and a router, with a 3/4 inch radius bit, is used to trim away sharp edges. The router is also used to smooth off both inside and outside edges. For free plans see Resources.

Create a nine planter pot stand using a rot resistant wood. A router is used with a straight bit and bearing to make perfectly round discs. Make a jig first so that routing the discs is simple and quick. Because you are routing in a circle, hold the router firmly so it doesn't skip. For free plans see Resources.

Build a beautiful jewellery box using quarter sawn red oak, walnut and spalted beech woods. A router with a 1/4 inch straight bit is used to create grooves in the top and bottom pieces that fit into the sides. For free plans see Resources.

Design your own hanging wood magazine holder for easy organisation of all your paper reading goods. A router is used in this wood project to create grooves for connecting the pieces together. Mount the router onto a router table and use a 3/4 inch straight router bit. Rough cherry lumber makes an excellent wood choice for this attractive bathroom accessory. For free plans see Resources.


Different router brands require the same brand router bits and accessories, so check all labels to make sure routers and accessories are compatible.


Always wear protective gloves and goggles when using any wood tools. Wood pieces and splinters can damage hands and eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Router
  • Router bits
  • Wood
  • Woodworking project plans
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