How to make a doctor's badge for kids

Updated November 21, 2016

When playing doctor or hospital, there's nothing a kid likes more than to have an official badge. Its worth taking the time to make this accessory for the child to pin to her doctor's coat. Let her help you pick out the picture or draw one of her own. She'll use it for years to come.

Have your child pick out a photo for his doctor's badge. It can be an old school photo or his face cut out of an old family photo you aren't using. The picture should be somewhat small, to fit on the corner of a 3-by-5 inch card. Or your child can draw his own face on plain paper.

Cut out a 3-by-5 inch piece of cardstock or find an index card. Glue the picture in the upper left hand corner.

Have your child use the computer to type out her name. Use a larger font size--maybe 14. Make sure to type "Dr." in front of the name! Underneath, list her speciality, like "veterinarian" or "obstetrics." Including the name of a made-up hospital is fun, too.

Print out and cut out the "doctor" name and info, gluing it below the picture. Have your child sign his name below his printed name.

Let your child decorate the tag with numbers, hearts, cars, stickers or stamps. Stick a safety pin through the top, and you have your badge. Very industrious parents can have the badge laminated or put it in a small, plastic Ziploc bag.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety pin
  • School photo
  • Glue
  • Cardstock or index card
  • Markers
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